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Stress Balls

Stress has become part of our daily lives, and managing it to keep our physical and mental health in check is something that shouldn't be overlooked. If you are looking for ways to curb stress at home, school, or the workplace, why not give Stress Balls a try?

They are not just a simple and fun remedy for stress relief. Stress balls - aka squishy balls - are also very effective in helping manage anxiety in kids and adults alike. Similar to fidget spinners, these funky-looking balls do some serious work to lift your spirits!

What Are Stress Balls?

Stress balls are a squishy type of toy that you can squeeze, roll, pull, or simply toss around. As the name implies, these balls help lower stress, tension, and anxiety. Filled with gel, clay, or rubber foam, their flexible structure allows for intense squeezing that results in stress release. Moreover, their soft or textured exterior is relaxing to touch and play with. The stress balls we offer and deliver across NZ are great for kids, students, workers, and anyone looking for an easy, immediate aid to reduce tension. 

What Is The Science Behind Stress Balls?

When you are stressed, your muscles clench. Working with a squishy ball is a relaxing form of exercise for your muscles that releases built-up energy. Gripping and releasing the ball repeatedly also stimulates the nervous system, helping reduce the flow of the hormones in charge of making you feel stressed. Taking deep, slow breaths as you squeeze will also help you ground yourself even more. As a result, you will feel more focused on the task at hand, grounded, and calm. Stress balls are a simple tool that doesn't require much effort or time from your end, and you can use them anywhere, at any time. They are also a great aid when facing high-anxiety situations.

Looking For The Top Stress Balls In NZ To Be Your Everyday Tension Buster

Whether you prefer a simple rubber squishy ball or something fancier, our online shop has heaps of great choices. Delivered across New Zealand, our stress balls offer multi-sensory stimulation as they come in vibrant colours, fun textures, and attractive designs!