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The Ultimate Guide to Fidget Toys: Benefits and Top Picks

The Ultimate Guide to Fidget Toys: Benefits and Top Picks

Jun 16, 2024

Shai Habon

Fidget toys have taken the world by storm, captivating kids and adults alike with their simplicity and effectiveness. These small, often handheld gadgets are more than just playthings; they are tools designed to improve focus, relieve stress, and promote active listening. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the numerous benefits of fidget toys and some of our best fidget toy recommendations.

So, what are fidget toys?

Fidget toys are small objects that can be manipulated with the hands to occupy one's attention. They come in various forms, including spinners, cubes, and squishy toys, each offering unique tactile experiences. Initially popularized as a tool for children with ADHD, autism, and anxiety, fidget toys have proven beneficial for people of all ages.

Essentially, fidgets are intended to help individuals do two primary things: regulate and concentrate. Fidgets can provide an easy and accessible way to help self-regulate or concentrate by providing auditory, visual and/or tactile input.


Benefits of Fidget Toys

1. Improved Focus and Concentration: Fidget toys provide a mild form of sensory input that can help keep the brain engaged during tasks that require concentration. This can be especially helpful in educational settings where children might struggle to stay attentive.

2. Stress and Anxiety Relief: The repetitive motions involved in using fidget toys can have a calming effect, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. This makes them an excellent tool for both kids and adults to manage daily pressures.

3. Enhanced Learning: By allowing kids to channel their excess energy into a fidget toy, they can better absorb information and stay engaged during lessons. Teachers have found that incorporating fidget toys in the classroom can lead to improved academic performance.

4. Sensory Stimulation: Fidget toys provide a variety of sensory experiences, which can be particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing issues. These toys can help them better understand and respond to sensory information.

5. Promotion of Active Listening: Using a fidget toy can help kids remain attentive during conversations or instructions, leading to better comprehension and retention of information.

Now that weve covered the benefits, lets dive into some of the top fidget toys that kids and adults can both enjoy.


1. Cube Fidget Toys

Cube fidgets like the the infinity cube are versatile fidget toys that allow continuous folding and flipping in various ways. A cube fidget's compact design makes it easy to carry around and use discreetly in any setting. This toy is perfect for improving focus and concentration, especially during study sessions or meetings.

Infinity Fidget Hand Cubes


2. Fidget Spinners

Classic Fidget Spinners remain a favorite among kids and adults. Their smooth spinning action provide a satisfying sensory experience that can help reduce anxiety and stress. They come in different colors too!


3. Squishy Toys

For those who prefer a softer tactile experience, squishy toys are an excellent choice. These toys are made from slow-rising foam that can be squeezed and squished repeatedly, offering a soothing sensory experience. They are ideal for stress relief and are particularly popular among younger children.

Squishy Dino Key Chain


4. Tangle Toys 

Tangle toys are a series of interconnected pieces that can be twisted and turned into endless configurations. Their smooth and textured surfaces provide a unique sensory experience, making them a great tool for improving focus and relieving stress.

Tangles Fidget Toys


Choosing the Right Fidget Toy

With so many options available, choosing the right fidget toy can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect fit:

1. Consider the User's Needs: Think about what sensory input is most calming or stimulating for the user. For example, some people may prefer the smooth spinning of a fidget spinner, while others might benefit from the tactile sensation of a squishy toy.

2. Portability: If the fidget toy will be used in various settings, such as school or work, choose one that is easy to carry and use discreetly.

3. Durability: Look for toys made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use.

4. Variety: Sometimes, having a variety of fidget toys can be beneficial, allowing the user to switch between different types of sensory input as needed.



Incorporating Fidget Toys in Daily Life

Fidget toys are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into various aspects of daily life. Here are a few ideas:

1. At School: Teachers can provide fidget toys to students who have trouble focusing. These toys can be used during lessons to help maintain attention and improve learning outcomes.

2. At Home: Keep a selection of fidget toys in easily accessible places around the house. They can be used during homework sessions, family meetings, or even while watching TV to help manage stress and anxiety.

3. At Work: Adults can benefit from keeping a fidget toy at their desk to help manage stress and improve concentration during long meetings or tasks.

4. On the Go: Small, portable fidget toys can be taken anywhere, making them perfect for use during travel, in waiting rooms, or during any downtime.

Fidget toys are more than just a passing trend; they are valuable tools that can significantly improve focus, reduce stress, and promote active listening.

Whether you're a parent looking to help your child stay focused in school, or an adult seeking a way to manage daily stress, fidget toys offer a simple and effective solution.

Explore the wide range of fidget toys available on Fidget Kids NZ and discover the benefits for yourself.