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How Sensory Toys Can Improve Focus and Calmness in Children

How Sensory Toys Can Improve Focus and Calmness in Children

Jun 16, 2024

Shai Habon


Sensory toys are becoming more popular because they help kids explore and develop their senses in exciting ways. These toys are designed to stimulate touch, sight, sound, and sometimes even smell and taste, encouraging children to learn through play. They support not just basic senses but also help with things like balance and body awareness, which are important for growing up healthy and independent.

Also referred to as "Montessori toys," sensory toys are usually available in diverse shapes and configurations—from climbing gyms and indoor swings to sensory bins and stacking towers—these toys play a crucial role in nurturing children's growth towards becoming more adept and self-sufficient individuals.


Benefits of Sensory Toys for Children

1. Enhancing Focus and Concentration

One of the primary benefits of sensory toys is their ability to enhance focus and concentration. Engaging multiple senses simultaneously helps children block out distractions and stay engaged with a task.

 Fidget toys like infinity cubes allow continuous folding and flipping, which can keep a child's hands busy and their mind focused. A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology found that sensory interventions, including fidget toys, can improve focus and reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD.

Infinity Mugen Fidget Hand Cubes

2. Promoting Calmness and Reducing Anxiety

Sensory toys can promote calmness and reduce anxiety. The repetitive motions and tactile sensations provided by these toys can have a soothing effect on children.

For example, squishy toys which are toys that are made from slow-rising foam can be squeezed and squished, offering a calming sensory experience to help children relax and de-stress. Research indicates that sensory play can significantly reduce anxiety and improve emotional regulation in children

Squishy Dino Key Chain

 3. Developing Fine Motor Skills

Playing with sensory toys can help children develop fine motor skills. These toys often require precise movements and coordination, which can strengthen the muscles in a child's hands and fingers.

Puzzle toys allow children to manipulate small pieces and solve puzzles. This activity helps in enhancing fine motor control among kids.

Popit Square Puzzle

4. Supporting Sensory Processing

Sensory toys provide valuable sensory input that can help children with sensory processing issues. These toys can help them understand and respond to sensory information more effectively.

Stretchy toys are designed to be twisted and turned, offering varied tactile stimulation that supports sensory processing.

Unicorn Stretchy String Bracelet

5. Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Sensory toys often come in unique shapes, colors, and textures that can stimulate a childs imagination and creativity. Engaging with these toys can inspire children to come up with creative ways to play and interact with their environment.

String toys, for example, can be pulled, twisted, and squeezed, allowing children to explore their creative potential. Creative play is crucial for cognitive development and problem-solving skills, as supported by many research.

Monkey Noodles Sensory Stretchy String


Sensory toys are invaluable for nurturing your child's growth. They enhance focus, encourage calmness, and foster fine motor skills development. Discover a diverse selection of sensory toys tailored to support your child's well-being at Fidget Kids NZ, and enrich their developmental journey today.